Night sky map

A model of the celestial sphere with the stars and constellations observable with the naked eye.


A JS framework for building clean loosely coupled self-contained web app components, or tiles.


A demo of the real-time positions of the Sun and the Moon.

Gothic Language Dictionary

A Gothic—English and English—Gothic dictionary with etymologies.


A simple 3D graphics demo based on the 2D graphics primitives. It is the playground prototype of the celestial sphere model.


A simulation of a charged particle travelling through a nanoscale layered structure based on the transfer-matrix method.

Spectral peaks

An infrared (FTIR) absorption spectrum analysis utility.


A piecewise graph splicing tool. Able to put together separately measured pieces of a broad-range spectrum.

Dialect map

Geotagged records of the Alemannic dialects of German spoken across and around Switzerland.


A Google Maps jQuery plugin that simplifies the use of the Google Maps API v3 by shaping its features in a jQuery-like fashion.


The project of the transliteration system of the Cyrillic script, with its own story.